Connect Groups

Get Connected Today!


Are you new to Church or have not yet had an opportunity to get plugged into a Connect Group?


Our Connect Groups are at the core of Grace Church. They are a diverse range of groups designed to help people in all stages of life to genuinely connect.


Connect Group is more than hanging out with friends, it is growing in your relationship with God and others. 


Through the relaxed and casual environment of Connect Groups we are able to really get to know and include others and even make lifelong friends as we do life together.


Padbury Connect  |   Butler Connect 

These Connects are groups of people who unpack God's word together, pray and build friendships. 


Prayer Connect 

This Connect is a group of people who get together and pray for our church, our city and for each other   


Women's Connect

This Connect is a group of Women who catch up over coffee, dinner or any other social setting. 


Men's Connect

This Connect is a group of men who meet in a variety of settings for fun, friendship and spritual growth. 


Diamond Women 50+

This Connect is a group of over 50's Women who encourage, support and grow spiritually together. They also fundraise for causes close to their hearts. 


Sisterhood Connect

This Connect is for women of all ages, it is held 3 times a year and it a great opporunity for all women to gather and hear a message from a guest speaker that is both encouraging and inspiring. 


For more information or to join one of these groups please email